Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween – Celebrate it Right with Funny Ideas


There is something special about funny couple costumes for Halloween. Not only is it fun but also it gives an attachment to the young couples, when they try this out. Of course, this makes the feeling of the Halloween affair extra special. Dressing up and spending time with your friends and family is special and you also get to act silly in front of everyone.

Couple costumes can help you increase your enjoyment during the celebration time because you are getting to team up with a partner and create happy memories. Finding matching couple costumes can be a daunting task. This is because if you cannot select and pair appropriately, certainly it will blow off the whole event.

Most of the time these costumes are ready made. During this time, you will get these in most of the clothing retail outlets. In order to make your selection easy we have jotted down few costume ideas that you cannot go wrong with.

Dressing up like fruits and candies

This is one of the funny couples costumes you can opt for. Food theme Halloween couples are classic and are famous with couples who have children. This is not frightening and over the top. Hence, this is safe if you are attending a family gathering which has more children.

However, since it is common you are likely to encounter it with others. Therefore, you need to be creative to make it original. For example, you can pair up drinks with food options like cheese and wine, chicken and pork, candy and fruits combo.

Get classic

This will never go out of style. This is best for couples who want to make a style statement at a gathering. They are so popular that you will also notice the celebrities getting into this mode of Halloween costume. Also, you will get most of the styles easily available across the country.

You can dress up like any prince and princess, Peter pan and tinker bell, lady Macbeth and Macbeth, King and queen. They are huge amount of options. This costume is chic and also you will make the heads turn in the Halloween party. It is advised that you must go minimal on the accessorizing part, otherwise it may over power the entire look.

Dressing up like an emoji

If you want to go for trendy and effortless look, you must try out the emoji costumes. This is easy to put and also sets you apart from the crowd. Also, this will give you numerous options to mix and match. There are very less chances to find your copy in the party. For example, you can go for wink and smile, surprise and laugh type of coordination. Also depending on the status of your relationship, you can go for different hearts or cupid cloth pairing.

Novelty couple

This gives a lot of space to think and design your own look. This type of costumes can be worn by all types of couple irrespective of their age. However, you need to be careful with the pairing. For example, you can go for USB port and cable, sneakers and high heels, lock and key type of costume. This type of costume is often less flashy and are subtle in taste.

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