The Most Common Wedding Themes


One of the most difficult things about arranging a marriage ceremony is planning its details. You might want some elements of a rustic soiree, vintage bash, or summer wedding colors. Plus, once decided, you must communicate your vision to your florist, baker, and caterer so they’re on the same page as you.

Because there are so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. So, to give you some inspiration, here are the most common wedding themes or motifs today.


A classic or traditional wedding is a formal occasion that usually includes a three-course meal. There are tealight candles on each table and flower arrangements made up of a single floral variety.

The venue is filled with white decorations, from the linen to the dinnerware. There may be pastel or metallic accents on the motif, but overall, the color palette is light and airy.


The boho style is chic but with minimal effort. This theme is laid back and mostly held in an outdoor botanical garden. It incorporates elements of nature, like greenery and wildflowers, accented with fairy lights, dream catchers, and rugs. This style also features a reception with a cozy lounge area with teepees and poufs.


A contemporary wedding theme is another formal occasion that’s based on classic and traditional motifs. But, the modern twist can be in the form of design choices for the dress, venue, invitations, flower arrangements, or decorations.


A rustic wedding is inspired by the simplicity of country life. So, marriage ceremonies of this type incorporate elementslike cowboy boots, timber, metal, and natural unstructured bouquets. Mostly, this is held in renovated barns or marquees.

The staples of this theme are natural textureslike wood and stone, organic paper products, and fresh food. The glassware is glamorous, but they still look handcrafted.


An antique motif means that the styling method for the occasion is reminiscent of old eras. They can be inspired by the 20s or 40s, which are popular for their garments, hair, and makeup. Jazz music, photo booths, and vintage cars are crucial elements of this theme.

Apart from these motifs, you can also try spring wedding colors, DIY themes, and beach celebrations. You should also talk to an event planner to help you finalize your choices.

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