Untying Knot Among Couples Often Caused by Addiction


Men and women often get attracted like magnet and at the same time they can also get repelled from each other. Often the bonding of love and understanding that is developed in marriage may end up with divorce due to addiction.

Couples rehabs centers have therefore been created in many cities where these married couples are not only treated for their addiction due to drug or alcohol abuse, but also provided with necessary counselling to restore back their broken relationships.

It has been observed by researchers that abuse of drugs and alcohol may cause separation among couples 4 to 7 times more than any other reasons.

The testimony of few loving couples have also revealed that drugs and alcohol took heavy toll in their relationships and people wonder why does it happen?

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How drugs/alcohol will ruin the relationships?

Often it was revealed that had those couples were not couples actually, then perhaps addiction would have never been in their life. Just because they loved each other so much, they started sharing all illegal substances together.

If both of you are living in the same house then either you can influence the other or get influenced. Any kind of negative responses or behavior can always tear the fabric of relationships.

On top of that, if there is influence of drug and alcohol then the conflict between the couple can be even more intensified. Following are few things that can be observed:

  • Criticism – where a partner can blame each other or attack
  • Defensiveness – try to shift the blame and avoid taking responsibility
  • Contempt – start attacking the partner
  • Stonewalling – end up with shutting down communication in order to avoid further conflict

Irrespective of whether both the partners are addicted or one remains sober and the other addicted, there will always be damage to their emotion.

Any individual who is struggling with his or her addiction will face daily challenges of fear, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, denial and obsessive thoughts. In the same way, partner of the addict will also struggle with all these.

As a result, both will start pointing finger against each other and try to make various excuses. As such, couples are not to be blamed for this situation, but it is their addiction that brought out their addictive behavior.

How to handle addiction as couple

If couples find them in such situation then the first thing that they should do is to find suitable treatment program which can bring them back to sobriety.

Though transition to recovery may not be as easy for couple as moving to recovery will also bring certain other sets of problems.

Following can be few steps to be followed for the recovery:

  • Receive individual help and therapy
  • Incorporate recovery into their relationship
  • Receive help to manage conflict
  • Support recovery of each other, without taking any responsibility
  • Learn to concentrate on your own recovery without ignoring the relationship
  • Differentiate between healthy interdependence and unhealthy codependency

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