3 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Rolex Watch


Great care is taken with the construction of all Rolex watches. To keep your watch looking and working great, there are certain maintenance tasks that should be completed. This will ensure that your Rolex lasts for a long time and continues to be an asset. Here are some maintenance tips for Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta.


As you wear your Rolex watch, it will undoubtedly get dirty. If you don’t clean your watch every now and then, it can start appearing dull. This dirt will also cause dirt particles to get into the crevices of your watch, affecting its functionality. Many Rolex watches are waterproof. If this is the case with your watch, you’ll be able to use water to wash the watch. If not, you should avoid allowing water to make contact with it. After washing your hands to remove any excess dirt, you’ll want to ensure that the winding crown is tightly screwed on so that water can’t reach the interior. Then use lukewarm water to wash off any loose particles and a soft toothbrush to clean the crevices. This will prevent any small particles from affecting your watch.

Wear Your Watch

You might not think that wearing your watch is maintenance but it actually keeps your watch running. Rolex watches are kept running by subtle movements. If you keep your watch sitting on a table for a few days, it won’t receive the movement it needs to function properly. Lubricants inside the watch might harden, which can cause damage to the watch when it’s in motion again. Your watch should be in some kind of motion at least once every 48 hours. This will ensure that it doesn’t die and that no damage is caused to the watch when it’s worn again.

Wind Your Watch

Many Rolex watches must be wound in order to work. This winding should occur at least once every 48 hours. To wind your watch, place it on a soft surface and unscrew the watch to position two. Then wind the watch 360 degrees between 30 and 40 times. Don’t worry about over-winding the watch as Rolex has a built-in device that will keep the watch from over-winding. Properly winding your watch will ensure that your watch works as you desire.

Caring for your Rolex will ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Completing these tasks regularly will keep your watch looking and functioning the way that you want. These are some of the maintenance tasks that should be completed by Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta.

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