How Has COVID-19 Increased Drug and Alcohol Addiction


As the coronavirus has spread to almost all the countries around the world, the whole world has come to a halt. In the United States, the state governments have issued stay-at-home orders to practice social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus. We are all anxious about the unpredictable future. There are different ways that people can cope with anxiety.

However, one of the worst ways that people may choose to cope is by taking drugs. This unfamiliar lifestyle can increase the risk for drug abuse and increase in consumption. Furthermore, it is a difficult time even for people battling drug abuse and trying drug rehabilitation programs.

If you are trying to leave your habit of drug abuse, then rehabilitation centers can be helpful. The Recover provides a large drug rehab directory that consists of the name and contact information of the rehabs. You can simply visit their website and find the treatment center nearest to you. Especially in times like this where traveling far is not an option, you can find a center nearest to you that can help you battle your addiction.

Why are people with drug use disorders more vulnerable during this pandemic?

Most of the drugs from the legal ones such as tobacco and cigarettes, to the illegal ones such as methamphetamine and cocaine, are known to deteriorate heart and lung function. If in case you do get infected by the coronavirus, there could be a much worse scenario due to the damage in your lungs.

There are rising obvious problems like shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), but there are other issues too such as no access to emergency and addiction services. The methadone clinics that help by organizing syringe exchange programs, housing, and medications are closing their services. At times like this, people with addiction disorders have no support and may end up homeless and starving.

Will social isolation because of the coronavirus increase consumption of drugs?

When there is a feeling of anxiety and stress, people often turn to consume alcohol and drugs. Some people start smoking and some people relapse to their old drug abuse habits. When people are battling addiction, they may have intense cravings for drugs and could even try out riskier drugs if their regular ones are not available.

Furthermore, with the industries and companies shut, the world economy is bound to go into recession. At this of recession, unemployment rises. When more people are out of jobs and are struggling to make ends meet, their mental health can deteriorate.

The mechanisms that are used to cope with psychological distress are not readily available as support groups, community programs, and charities are closed, whereas healthcare providers are busy treating COVID-19 infected patients.

Lastly, the new lifestyle of isolation and minimal physical contact can take a toll on the mental health of some people. This lifestyle could be too overwhelming for people and can result in bad habits such as drug and alcohol addiction.


The above-mentioned information shows why people with addicted disorders are at risk and more people could be prone to addiction.

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