When You can Avail Driving License in Australia?


Every youngster likes to drive on their own instead of being driven by their parents or a chauffeur. Thus, as early as possible they prefer to get their driving license. However, there are few rules to follow before getting the license.  To get the driving license every young fresh driver residing in Australia would like to know the eligible age to apply for the driving license.

The rules for eligibility age to get driving license differ from state to state.

  • In the Australian Capital Territory: The minimum age should be fifteen years and nine months. The person interested needs to go for Road Ready Learner License Course. They even need to pass computerised test referring ACT road rules.
  • While in New South Wales: Your age needs to be sixteen years or more. You need to pass the eye test and Driver knowledge test to get the license. You need to pass Hazard perception test. After a year of holding your learning driving licence, you can apply for permanent driving license. The logged hours should be more than one hundred twenty including twenty hours of night time driving. Firstly, you will get P1 license valid till one year. Secondly, after P1 you can avail for P2 that is the green plates valid for two years. After two years, you finally get your permanent license in NSW.
  • Northern Territory – While in NT region, you need to be at the least sixteen years old to fill form for having the driving license. You will be asked to pass the eyesight test and Driver Knowledge Test for getting temporary or learning license. It is valid for six months than you have to pass your practical driving test to get Ps. You can use it for two years and finally can apply for having full driving license.
  • Queensland – You need to be of sixteen years or above and need to get medical certificate from authorised medical officer to prove you are medically fit to drive the vehicle. To get initial learning driver license, you need to pass written exam as well.

After a year or when you reach the age of seventeen, you can get your P1. You get it after you show passing hundred hours of driving and to get P2, you need to pass Hazard Perception Test. You need to use it for at least two years before finally applying for permanent driving license.

  • South Australia – You need to be sixteen years old and pass the road driving test to have your Ls. While for P1 you need to have completed seventy five hours of driving including fifteen hours of night driving in your log book. Moreover, Hazard Perception Test and practical driving test need to be passed to avail P2 after a year. You can apply for permanent licence after six months of possessing P2.

The other regions like Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania follow nearly the same rules. Hence, to know the right ways adaptable to pass the driving test and rules to get driving license Braybrook driving lessons is the best appropriate place to help you anytime.

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